Liz Kent is an actor, musician, and teaching artist from North Carolina. She graduated cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art. While at Carolina, She received a number of awards and opportunities, including placing first in State and Regional NATS competitions, the Andy and Cindy Griffith Scholar Award, singing at the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and the Masters Students Graduation, and singing for musicians such as Kevin Massey, Kilty Reidy, and Nathan Gunn. She also acted in over 15 productions, included a professional production of Sweeney Todd at Playmakers Repertory Company. Since graduation, she has continued to pursue a career in acting and music, and is an Equity Membership Candidate. Liz continues to study voice, viola, piano, and violin, and has even had the joy of being able to play musical instruments in her acting career.

As a performer and a teacher, she firmly believes that everything comes down to process. Students come in with all levels of experience, exposure, and knowledge. Thus, each lesson is catered to the individual students, but the material is still approached through the creative process. We put it into tangible pieces to learn each aspect of what makes music- the story, the technique, the emotion, the text, and the music itself. Once we understand the individual pieces, we can understand the why, the context of the music itself, and why it is necessary music for us to make. We learn the answer to why this song, these words and music, are the thing that we must sing right now. By understanding why, the “how to” becomes easier, because the lessons aren’t “how to hit the note” but “why it is this note we must hit”.

Art is essential to productive learning, the human spirit, and creating color and expression in our lives, and Liz feels so lucky to help teach this to young minds on a daily basis.