My father was a gigging bassist when I was a young boy and consequently, I’ve always been deeply enamored with music. I began to study classical piano at age 5 and continued through my studies at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University where I majored in music with a focus in Jazz Studies. I picked up the saxophone in 4th-grade concert band which also stuck with me through my University years, and in my woodwind doubling adventures, I also found I gravitated towards the flute. In my last couple of years at college, I began to dig more deeply into something that’s always been present in my life to one degree or another: recording and digital audio production.

Today, I am a gigging multi-instrumentalist, a substitute band and orchestra teacher, a producer, and a private lesson instructor with a passion for drawing on all my theoretical knowledge and first-hand experiences from across genres and settings to provide well-rounded education for interested students.