Allegro Strings

A variety of ensembles for musicians of all ages and skill levels.

our Groups

Suzuki Plus

Ages 5-9

Instructed by Debra Seftel, this program will introduce your child to the violin and have them playing on stage in a few short months. A well-appointed violin in the appropriate size is included in the tuition. Based on the Suzuki Method, this parent assisted class for children from 5-9 years old, will teach the fundamentals and skills needed to play a varied repertoire and read music.

Junior Strings

Ages 7-11

This entry level orchestra will help young players develop the skills needed to perform in a group and work on varying keys, rhythms and styles of music. These students generally range in age from 7-11 years old and through the 5th grade.

Intermediate Strings

Ages 10-14

This ensemble will challenge students to hone their techniques and work toward perfecting an ensemble that is greater than the sum of its individuals. Teamwork is very imporant in creating a cohesive sound and projecting music that will excite and move the audience. This group ranges in age from 10-14 years old and through grade 8.

Vivace Strings

This high school group takes music beyond the notes and rhythms to explore the historic style and message of the music. Strong technique make it possible to play original music from Bach to exciting contemporary composers. This group will also merge with the Wind Ensemble to play full symphonic music in the spring season. This is your opportunity to play with other talented musicians and reach out into the community. 


Encore Symphony

This group will feature adults beyond high school and offer a supportive ensemble for players that miss the thrill of playing music together with old friends and new ones. Music will be of varying difficulties to allow you to feel comfortable and also to stretch and improve your skills.

Allegro Instructors

Debra Seftel

Suzuki Plus, Senior Strings, Encore Symphony

Ms Seftel brings over 35 years of public and private music education to this new venture and is thrilled to be able to offer affordable and inclusive ensembles and enrichment experiences to students in Kindergarten through High School and beyond. Ms. Seftel holds a degree from Ithaca College in music education and is certified by the state of NJ to teach music K-12. She studied the Suzuki method at the Suzuki Talent Institute and developed her own “Suzuki Plus” hybrid program, combining traditional string pedagogy and the Suzuki method to best suit the needs of today’s youth. “It has long been a dream of mine to be able to offer programming 7 days a week and to include a full symphonic orchestra. The Allegro Youth Symphony will bring students together to create wonderful music while learning more about the arts in our world and developing lasting friendships.